The Kudos Science Trust seeks to Inspire our communities to recognise the value of science and how it impacts and empowers lives.

We strive to help regional scientists get national recognition, award prize money to help scientists pursue more research, attend international conferences and buy new equipment. We also strongly believe in recognising and rewarding top regional secondary school science students and aim to create opportunities for their scientific careers to prosper.


The Kudos Awards

New Zealand’s premier regional science excellence Awards. Each year, the Kudos Awards recognise top scientists from Hamilton and the Waikato region. The Kudos are New Zealand’s most prestigious regional science awards, supporting our region’s reputation as a vital incubator for creative research discoveries and cutting-edge technology. With over 1,000 PhD scientists, New Zealand’s largest research centre at Ruakura and a thriving Innovation Park, Waikato contributes up to 20% of our national science, research and innovation ouput.

2020 Kudos Awards date announced.

Science Spinners

Our science outreach programme for Year 9 & 10 students in low decile Waikato schools. Science Spinners Creative Lab is run in November each year and aims to make science relevant to everyday life and expands students’ knowledge of science-based careers. Science Spinners is run with the support of Kudos Award-winning scientists, who present fun, interactive and creative activities in the Medical, Food Technology, Environmental, Digital Tech and Sport Science fields.


Advocate & Collaborate

As the region’s independent advocate for science and research excellence, the Kudos Science Trust together with loyal partners and key stakeholders are working to connect local industry with community to support citizen science engagement and science education. Contact us for more information.

The Trust also support international research collaboration, and together with Tourism New Zealand support our local scientists bid to host international conferences.

We’d love your support!

All that we do is possible because of our fantastic sponsors. Whether it’s financial support, marketing aid or scientific time. If you’re interested in supporting our projects we’d love to hear from you!

A massive thank you to all of our current partners and sponsors



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