Hill Laboratories Primary Industries Science Award

This award recognises a scientist or science team’s contribution to a novel tool, process, technology or scientific breakthrough that has had/will have a positive impact on the development of a new food, food process/product OR addresses agricultural profitability, sustainability or animal health and welfare.

Industries included but not restricted to: Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture including Viticulture and Aquaculture.


  • The nominee/team must be based principally or residing in the Greater Waikato Region, and includes the Bay of Plenty area.
  • The research put forward could be conducted anywhere in the world and must be of demonstrable value to the New Zealand Primary Industry Sector.
  • Scientific achievement is judged by international standards by a group of peers, based on science publications, patents or other forms of objective recognition.
  • The Scientist or Science Team must demonstrate the ability to communicate their research to a wide (lay) audience
  • We will evaluate the quality, accuracy and relevance of your science through peer review and consultation.
  • Any cash award contribution must be spent in such a way to further advance science in the Waikato (e.g., paying to bring in an overseas expert, attending an international conference, visiting overseas research organisations, up skilling in a certain area, etc.) and winners must provide a letter to the Trust within 12 months of receipt of the award, detailing how the award was used.
  • The awards will be paid to the individual or split equally between members of the team, unless otherwise agreed between the winner and the Hamilton Science Awards Trust


  • The nominee or team must have performed or directed the work described and it must have been performed in the last five years.
  • The nominee or team must have recognised qualifications relative to the award being sought. A relevant science or qualification is required.
  • The recipient(s) must agree to give a nominated lecture or presentation to a high school or general audience, if requested.
  • The recipient(s) must be prepared to interact with appropriate news media to publicise the research on which the award is based and science in general.
  • The winner(s) does not have to be a New Zealand citizen or resident.
  • While previous years’ outright winners in this award category are encouraged to reapply, they cannot put forward the same piece of work in support of this year’s award.
  • Previous runners-up in this award category are encouraged to reapply and may re-submit a piece of work already submitted for consideration in past years.
  • The nominee or team can be self-nominated or nominated by another party who is familiar with the scientist’s work.
  • If the scientist or team is being nominated by another party, that party must be confident all eligibility criteria can be met, including the nominee’s or team’s willingness to be available for public and media interaction as per the above.

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