The Hamilton City Council ICT Award

This award recognises a major, recent contribution to the development of information technology and computer science in the Waikato.


  • Based on science and research publications, patents and science that has led to outcomes that can be or have been objectively assessed and evaluated.
  • Ability of the scientist to communicate their research to a wide (lay) audience
  • Scientific achievement is judged using international benchmarks by a group of peers
  • The award must be spent in such a way to further advance science in the Waikato (e.g., paying to bring in an overseas expert, attending an international conference, visiting overseas research organisations, ups killing in a certain area, etc.) and winners must provide a letter to the Trust within 12 months of receipt of the awards, detailing how the award was used.
  • The award will be paid to the individual, unless otherwise agreed between the winner and the Kudos Science Trust.


  • The scientist’s career or the science itself must have been conducted principally in the Waikato region.
  • All scientists working within the Waikato River catchment are eligible for the awards
  • The nominee must have performed or directed the work described.
  • The work must have been conducted in the past five (5) years.
  • The nominee must have recognised qualifications relative to the award being sought.
  • The winner of each award must agree to give a nominated lecture or presentation to a general or high school audience, if requested.
  • The winner must be prepared to interact with appropriate news media to publicise the research on which the award is based
  • The nominee does not have to be a New Zealand citizen or resident.

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WINTEC Secondary Science Teacher/Educator AwardHill Laboratories Laboratory Technologist AwardHamilton City Council ICT AwardKudos Science Trust Food & Ag Science AwardDatamars Engineering Science AwardWaikato Regional Council Environmental Science AwardWaikato DHB Medical Science AwardThe University of Waikato Lifetime Achievement Award

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