Join us for STEM Hub with PUATALA

Registrations open March 2022

A free 1-day programme for YR 11-13 Waikato Students Our priority focus is for Maori/Pasifika and rural students from our lower decile schools to attend this exciting programme. Please see the Teachers info below.

STEM Hub will highlight the impact of STEM in the Industrial and Trades sectors and what exciting career pathways this can lead to.

An exciting one day programme connecting Waikato yr 11-13 students to industry professionals in the Engineering Trades, from Civil to Electrical to Mechanical and more! Twelve hands-on practical activities run by our local industry to show off the exciting careers behind the practical application of STEM!

Take part in four exciting mini-hubs

Civil/Commercial Engineering

Ever wondered how our roads, stadiums, parks and round-a-bouts just suddenly appear out of no where!

The guys that work in Civil / Commercial Engineering are responsible for the planning, zoning, construction, surveying, water management and heaps more that bring these to life.

Put your hard hat on and get ready for our industry professionals to uncover where STEM is used everyday in this exciting industry!

Mechanical Engineering

If you’re a bit of a natural with numbers or a whizz at Physics, then you’ll love Turnt it! This is where you get to Design  – Develop  – Build  and Test!

Many solutions used everyday in the Agricultural, Environmental and Medical fields rely on Mechanical Engineers and their discoveries to make life easier!

Check it out and delve into this awesome STEM career path!

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems that use electricity, electronics and electromagnetism and you guessed it – its STEM!

Think about an airport or a shopping mall, what about a huge factory or container ship…can you spot where this might be used?

But be careful, the force is strong in this one!!

Engineering Combined

Stir it, mix it, design it, fix it – it all happens here!

Incase you haven’t had enough, we’re going xtra and giving you another chance to put all the engineering disciplines together! Gain a real insight into the diverse, extraordinary and rewarding careers and pathways STEM has to offer in the engineering pathway!

You won’t be disappointed!

Your Host for the day

This year we’re launching STEM Hub with our partner PUATALA!

Puatala is 100% Pacific Owned and Operated. With 20 years’ experience in providing innovative, relevant, and quality industry training solutions across the Industrial and Trades sector.

Founded by Lesa and Meta Tyrell, Puatala was created to bridge the skills gap in the workforce and engage Maori and Pacific to upskill and transition into better career opportunities. We do this by changing the way we deliver learning.

In a relaxed environment, we provide practical training solutions that incorporate core Pacific values and customs to build skills in line with industry standards.

Their passion is to provide a platform to upskill Pacific people into better job opportunities to improve the quality of life for them and their families. This has since extended to the wider community.

Huge thanks to our STEM Hub Supporters

These awesome volunteer businesses who’ve invested their time and money to building a pipeline to industry for a more sustainable and skilled workforce in the future.

Need help getting there?

Our Kudos programmes are free to decile 5 and under Waikato secondary schools. Reimbursement of reasonable travel costs to and from the school apply with support for relief teachers where applicable. Lunches are provided for all students and teachers attending the programmes.

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