Science Spinners creates opportunities in low decile Waikato schools and strives to make science relevant to everyday life and expand students’ knowledge of science-based careers.

Our science outreach programme for low decile Waikato schools. Science Spinners Creative Lab and CodeHub are run in November each year with the aim to make science relevant to everyday life and expand students’ knowledge of science-based careers. Science Spinners is run with the support of Kudos Award-winning scientists and industry professionals who present fun, interactive and creative activities in the Medical, Food Technology, Environmental, Digital Tech, Engineering and Sport Science fields.

In 2019, we are proud to continue offering these two programmes:



with Waikato Tech Company:


6th, 7th & 8th November, Fairfield College

Wanna know how to start building your own game, app or webpage?

We’ve teamed up with the guys at CodeAvengers to check out your digital potential!

So if you want some free digital expertise – get in and register quick! Limited spaces!


Science Spinners Creative Lab


12th & 13th November, Hamilton Gardens Pavillion

A massive hands-on creative lab of activities run by Kudos scientists and industry professionals!


Here’s how it works!

There are four mini-labs. Each mini-lab has three 15 min fun & fast science learning activities. Students will rotate through each lab  until they’ve completed all four mini-labs!

The aim?

Show them how science relates to their every day life, excite them about STEM leading into NCEA and introduce them to some cool science careers!

Why do your socks smell more than your mates’? How do you make an app? How does a skater’s deck stick through a 360? What about food packaging? How is this designed and by who? How about our rivers and lakes? Why can’t we swim in some of them?

So many questions that relate to you and your everyday life…! And you’ll find the answers at Science Spinners Creative Lab and CodeHub!

So tell your teacher you’re keen to go, and get stuck in and feel what it’s like to be a real scientist! Get your hands dirty, push your curiosity and let’s solve some problems!

We know the importance of getting Waikato students engaged with the science around them, that’s why the Kudos Science Trust invites you and your school to take part!


Science Spinners Creative Lab:

This event consists of four mini-labs:

– Play da game – (Sport) Ever wondered what makes the Chiefs so good at what they do? How does a skater’s deck stick through a 360? It’s all about the science!

– Kai time – (Food technology) Why do some foods taste good to some and not to others? What about the food packaging on our shelves?

– Body Rock’n – (Health/Medical) Sometimes we ain’t feelin’ so great or maybe our socks stink more than our mates’….check out your body mechanics here!

– Living World – (Environment) Ever wondered why you shouldn’t swim in particular rivers or not eat certain shellfish? What about “Don’t walk over there?” Find out why our everyday actions matter!

The 2018 programme and scientist profiles will be posted online a few weeks out from the event.The program will start at 9:00 am ‘on the dot’ start running through to 3:00 pm. We realise this may be an early start for some rural schools, but we’d hate for you to miss out!



The Kudos Science Trust sends invitations to eligible schools. Each selected school receives 15 spaces for Science Spinners Creative Lab and 10 spaces for CodeHub. This allocation includes one adult supervisor. You are able to nominate which of the two days you would prefer to attend but this is confirmed on a ‘first in, first served’ basis. Please note you do not have to have your student team and/or relief needs organised to register your interest. Specific event details to come!

What do we provide?

The Kudos Science Trust offers the following support:

1. Costs for fair and reasonable transport costs to and from the Science Spinners Creative Lab or CodeHub venues. We suggest your school use your mini-buses if they are available or will pay mileage if you need to use a couple of smaller cars.

2. Costs for a relief teacher where required. If your absence cannot be covered internally, please check with us and we’ll be happy to discuss payment for a reliever. It is important that the science teacher attends as the supervisor (rather than a parent or other staff member) to maximise benefit back in the classroom.

3. Lunch and refreshments for you and your students. Please highlight any dietary requirements on the registration form. Register your interest here to keep informed, or register your team now to participate!

We can’t wait to see you then!

Interested to find out more?

Get in touch with our Project Manager, she’d be happy to answer any questions about the programmes!

Huge thanks to our sponsors