Join us for a day in the Creative Lab

Registrations open March 2022

A free 1-day programme for YR 9 & 10 Waikato Students Our priority focus is for Maori/Pasifika and rural students from our lower decile schools to attend this exciting programme. Please see the Teachers info below.

Get some practical hands-on learning with our world-class scientists and experts! The Waikato science, innovation, and tertiary sector have volunteered their time to bring you SCIENCE from their fields of expertise! Join them as they uncover the coolness of science in the Medical, Environmental, Food Tech, and Sport Science fields!

Our data shows us you won’t be disappointed!

Take part in four exciting mini-labs

“Don’t squeeze it!” How good are you at telling the difference between ripened and unripened fruit? See why it’s important to the industry and find out what technology they’re using to do this job!

“Meet Doris, our dairy cow”. We’re a dairying nation and we love our milk! Have you ever wondered about that process? Find out about digestion, rumination and how we get that great quality milk!

“Eww, would you eat that?” Have you wondered where your food’s been before you get it off the shelf? How many different processes did it pass through to get to you, and how safe is it really??

Hosted by Plant & Food Research, DairyNZ and Liz Carpenter

How do we jump? We’re taking students through the different movements required to optimize their vertical jump performance using two different types of equipment.

Spinning mini putt on its head. Using state of the art technology, student will understand and analyze the movement requirements of the golf putt.

Speed and Reaction! Students will get to test their speed through our speed lights, throwing in a reaction component to mix it up for the students.

Let’s test power. Students will battle it out on the Wattbikes to see who can put out the most power in a 6 second time frame.

Hosted by the University of Waikato

What it takes to keep a heart pumping; Get hands on experience at how this state of the art equipment is used – test your skills at keeping flow and pressure…and grasp the exciting science behind your heart and lungs.

Looking inside with echo technology: Scan and detect what’s going on with your veins, what’s their real function and how do they keep blood flowing through them?

Under pressure… Let us test your ability to navigate some challenging tasks and see if you have what it takes to keep calm, focussed and controlled like some of our world leading surgeons! Get ready to compete with your mates!

Environment, engineering and technology – How do these fit together?

The concept of convection current is a phenomena that can be observed all around in our everyday lives – how does it apply to a hot air balloon, boiling water, combustion or engines?

Pressure generated via gas production is the concept of endothermic reaction and is in our every day lives for example, melting or ice cubes and combustion in cars -Build a car using household items and see if you can make it move!

Thermographic imaging from space…Can you see your football field from space? What is this and how does it apply to important daily tasks for farmers, surveyors, engineers.

Hosted by LIC and ScienceBox

Teacher Resources

Your host for the day

The Braemar Charitable Trust Science Spinners Scholarship Award

TThe Braemar Charitable Trust supports educational aspirations into the medical pathway for students from our vulnerable communities. This year the Trust will be awarding a $1000 scholarship award to a Science Spinners student, past or present who is pursuing a Medical pathway. The aim of this scholarship is to support educational, travel, stationery or tuition costs for further study or acceptance into health or medical courses through any tertiary provider. Submissions can be made by a teacher, career councillor or principal. The student must submit a 1000 word essay describing the pathway they are interested in, and how this scholarship could help them to reach their goals. Please contact projectmanager@thekudos for more information.